5 reasons You Should Work Remotely

5 reasons You Should Work Remotely

Thanks to modern technology, working remotely in Charleston, WV is much easier to do now than it ever has been. It’s a great way to work that can benefit businesses, not just the person doing the remote work! But aside from not having to go to a workplace anymore, what else can remote work do for you? Here are the five big benefits that you get right here in Charleston, WV.

Your Workspace Is Your Own

No longer do you have to content yourself with a picture, and maybe a few knick-knacks adorning an office cubicle. No longer do you have to make do with an office issued desktop PC, when you’ve got a blazing fast laptop that outperforms any corporate option. Working remotely means you have the kind of workspace you want, even if that means a shelf full of Japanese plastic models of giant robots.

You’ll Save Money

How much money do you spend on gasoline commuting to your Charleston office? How much money do you spend on the meals at your office? How much money do you spend on maintaining your car, doing the laundry for all your work clothes, and other associated costs of a commuting career? You can now save money by eliminating all these expenses.

You Can Create Your Own Schedule

Do you have clients that are on the other side of the world, working in a completely different time zone? Do you do your best work at night, or in the middle of the afternoon, and the morning is a loss? Now, you can organize your work schedule around what works best for you and the professional deadlines you may need to meet. Provided that you can exercise the discipline to create a routine and stick to it, you can work your own hours as required.

Stay More Focused On Work

It may seem counterintuitive to say you get more work done away from a workplace, but it’s true! No more mandatory meetings that you have to attend in the morning, no more co-worker chitchat that you have to indulge in before you get on with your work, no more fixed lunch hours where you have to leave and come back by a certain point. No more outside request for a “little help” from coworkers or managers that need something dropped off at the cleaners.

Avoid Office Politics

Humans are social creatures and that, unfortunately, means that there will be social networks, hierarchies, and alliances in any gathering of people. Sadly, the workplace is far from immune from this, they can have an impact on your work, or even your ability to remain employed. When you work remotely, you are largely divorced from the office intrigues and snap allegiances or betrayals that are made on a minute-by-minute, or hourly basis in the average office workday.

If you’re interested in enjoying some of these benefits that come from working remotely, then contact us. We can help you to get the job that finally gets out of the office, and working the way you want to, under your own self-regulated conditions!

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  • "Working with Liz Communication services is a great pleasure for me. The thing I appreciate most about the company is that it has given me the opportunity to balance work and life by allowing me to work flexible hours. I manage to contribute a lot to the company and I still have time for my family.”
    Mary S.
    Call Center Agent
  • “Although I have only been with Liz communication services for a short period of time, I have found the company and the people I work with to be amazing. This is a group of very talented, dedicated and friendly people.”
    Keisha W.
    Call Center Agent
  • “Prior to working with Liz communication services, I never imagined that I would be able to serve a company that would allow me to balance my work and my family. This is a truly professional organization that never compromises on quality. Employees are motivated with various internal competitions and the company importantly rewards talent and achievements.”
    Robert A.
    Call Center Agent
  • “I am very grateful for the opportunity Liz communication services has given me to discover my hidden skills and gain experience in customer service.”
    Steeves C.
    Call Center Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More
  • What are the calls like?

    Calls can be quite varied, and will depend upon the industry and the customer or client that you are working for. Since contractors can choose the call types that they work with, it is possible for you to essentially dictate the basic nature of the calls that you make. You can review the options and choose the ones that work for you.

  • Do I need to buy any equipment?

    Not usually. For most people, the main requirements will be a telephone and a computer with access to the internet. Since the average person already has access to these items, it's straightforward process to get started and one that requires no additional, serious investment in additional equipment. For most, the startup cost is very small.

  • What are the steps to the registration process?

    Registration involves a straightforward process. You'll apply and provide information about your history and undergo a credit check and background check. You'll need a Tax ID number as well, which can be your social security number in most instances. Once that you've applied and been confirmed, you will receive an email confirming that you are now able to start working as a caller.

  • How do I get paid?

    You'll get your money disbursed directly to your bank account twice per month, on a regular basis as dictated and established once you begin. You'll receive receipts and invoices to use for tax purposes. If you move up to become an independent agent, you may additionally receive direct payment from clients in certain situations.

  • How long before I can start servicing a client?

    In order to become part of the team, you'll have to go through a basic application process. This includes a background and credit check. In most instances, this takes about two to three weeks. Once it's completed, you can begin working on a regular basis as much as you like.

  • What is an independent agent?

    An independent agent is just what it sounds like. You will be an independent contractor that contracts directly with our team under a contracted agreement. You'll have the right to place or receive calls from people who request our help, and complete your work as indicated in the contracted agreement.


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